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We are a team of wellness aficionados who are putting their expertise to some good use. After years of being engulfed in aesthetic treatments, products, and practices, we’ve basically accumulated so much knowledge that it’s a pity to let it sit carelessly in our brains.

We thought it was finally time to piece together a decent blog where we could express our views freely.

If you are considering getting a cosmetic procedure, it might be a good idea to look at our health section where we fill you in on the most recent technologies and practices. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 10-minute minimally invasive intervention or a full-blown surgical treatment.

We often partner up with real doctors, so there should be no doubt the info we present is accurate and trustworthy.

You will get an approximate account of your journey, everything from the initial consultation to the last day of recovery, follow-up appointments, and after-care tips.

When it comes to aesthetic treatments, it’s not only about finding the one that’s good value for its market. You want something that does its job perfectly, something that will be suitable for your specific needs. And you certainly don’t want to put your health at risk in the process.

By reading our blogs about different procedures, you will be able to tell all this. What is more, you can compare multiple therapies with their benefits and drawbacks, weigh the risks, if any, and see if you are throwing your money away.

Forget about the sugar-coated posts that give you only the positive data and conveniently forget to mention the side effects or the dangers associated with a given procedure. We like to dig deeper and state the facts as they are.

Come back to Foxeny.com when:

  • You’re having hair loss issues
  • You want to fix your double chin
  • You’re interested in fat removal
  • You would love to learn the difference between ultrasound and radiofrequency lasers
  • You are wondering how to find a good plastic surgeon
  • You just love to read about aesthetics
  • And a lot more

Not only will you be familiar with the newest trends in the cosmetic industry, but you can fact-check various medical terms and see what equipment is used.

This will give you more confidence when you step into the surgeon’s office and they begin to throw medical terms at you. You will prepare mentally for what is coming even before you set foot in the clinic. The knowledge you get from our website can be a perfect addition to the things you learn from your doctor.

We are also interested in health, lifestyle, and beauty. We can’t wait to make you acquainted with the different philosophies and diets that are surfacing. Enjoy your stay and make the most of it.