Fat Freezing Treatment (Cryolipolysis) – Does it Work?

Fat freezing is a term receiving a lot of buzz in recent years. And if you think it might be something that belongs to a SciFi movie, no, fat freezing is actually a procedure used to remove fat from the body. If we go by medical terms, fat freezing is also called cryolipolysis (which basically means fat destruction). It’s one of the most desired noninvasive procedures to remove fat.

Just around 10 years ago liposuction was still considered to be the golden standard when it comes to removing fat. Interest in liposuction has declined a lot in recent years thanks to the non-invasive and non-surgical procedures and to get rid of fat.

Whether you want to get rid of stubborn fat is a personal choice. Whether it’s fat freezing or another procedure, it’s best to be informed before making a decision about your body. That’s why in this article we’ve gathered all the important information you’d need before committing to getting your fat removed.

About Fat

When it comes to body fat, there are two basic types of it: subcutaneous fat (the fat that you get around your stomach) and visceral fat (the one around your organs and associated with heart disease). Naturally, fat freezing is a procedure used to remove only subcutaneous fat.

What is fat freezing?

As you can guess by the name, fat freezing is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure used to actually freeze fat cells. Fat freezing treatment is a safe and effective treatment that you can do at your doctor’s office without having to worry about pain or downtime. One session of fat freezing usually takes around 40 minutes and it may take several applications to get the desired results.

During the procedure, an applicator is applied to the skin and it freezes the fat in the targeted area. The applicator will bring fat cells to a freezing point at which they are killed. You might feel a slight cooling sensation but it quickly subsides. However, the procedure doesn’t damage the skin and you won’t have to worry about scars or infections.

After that, the fat cells will be absorbed by the body naturally. It may take a few weeks or even around 3 months to see the final results.

Is fat freezing painful?

Fat freezing isn’t painful. Fat freezing is a treatment using controlled cooling which makes it safe to use. You might feel slight stinging while the fat freezes but it will go away in a few minutes. You won’t feel anything once the area goes numb. Also, when the procedure is done your doctor will massage you as well. You’ll notice that the targeted area is slightly sore and it can even go blue but that will also go away on its own.

Will I lose weight from fat freezing?

A woman checking her weight and measures

If you’re looking for a weight loss procedure, then unfortunately fat freezing won’t be the best option for you. None of the fat freezing devices work on your weight. Fat freezing devices work on removing fat cells on specific areas of the body and you can shed around 25% of the fat in these areas. That being said, you might feel a change in your clothing size.

What about the results?

It can take up to a few months to see optimal results. A single treatment isn’t likely to give you the results you imagine. Often times a single treatment will give you only minimal results. The most optimal result you can get is to reduce your fat in the targeted area by up to 25%. You can expect to improve your waistline and less bulging. That being said, results may vary depending on your body type and fat percentage.

Are the results permanent?

One of the biggest benefits of the fat freezing procedure is that it IS permanent. That’s because once your body gets rid of the fat cells they can’t appear again. However, we’ve got to say that the results will be permanent if you still manage to control your weight with diet and exercise. If you gain a lot of weight you might regain some of the fat because the remaining fat cells will enlarge.

When should I start with fat freezing?

As the results are not visible for a few weeks it’s best to start your fat freezing sessions around three to six months before summer or any event you want to look extra flawless. Each treatment has a recovery period, so it’s best to have six to eight weeks between appointments. Your skin will recover fully at around 12 weeks after treatment.

How safe is fat freezing?

As fat freezing is a non-invasive procedure, its regarded as a very safe procedure. There aren’t many risks associated with inflammation or irritation on the treated area but there are some possible side effects. Specialists acknowledge that you might get contour irregularities or even numbed nerves. While you won’t get any scarring at the treated area, you might get minimal swelling.

Other risks of fat freezing include:

  • Pain: it can start a few days after the procedure with will go away on its own
  • Changes to skin colour: you might get hyperpigmentation or darker skin which also goes away on its own

If you have any other concerns, you should ask your doctor about the potential risks.

Can anyone get fat-freezing?

Woman with overweight

While fat freezing is a widely used procedure, there are some medical limitations as to who can get it. Generally, the treatment is recommended to healthy people with enough fat on their body so that the device can get attached to it. That being said, people with certain medical conditions should avoid it. Those include:

  • Pregnant women or those wanting to get pregnant, or currently breastfeeding
  • People with nerve conditions
  • People with skin conditions
  • People using blood-thinning medications
  • Certain allergies

Again, if you have a medical condition it’s best to first consult your doctor about the potential risks.

There are a lot of brands offering fat-freezing. Which one do I choose in Singapore?

There are a lot of fat freezing machines out there. Some reputable brands are widely used around the world but there are also some less known ones. When choosing a treatment, we suggest you look at the safety of the brands offered by your clinic of choice.

When you look for safety information online try looking at medical articles and certifications. For certain brands of fat freezing machines such as CoolSculpt, there are hundreds of medical research papers that prove their safety. We would also suggest going for a device that has built-in safety measures as well.

Things to consider

Before choosing a specific procedure, think about your pain sensitivity. Some devices must reach a can feel uncomfortable. While the treatment itself is safe for the skin it can be painful while you wait for it to work, especially if you have sensitive skin. With CoolSculpting (an FDA approved treatment) you might feel less discomfort since the cooling has a numbing effect.

Another thing you should consider is your expectations. If you have more fat to remove, then freezing fats is a good option for you. If you’re in good shape but want to remove some stubborn fat, then you might want to look into other procedures such as the ones using heat.

The last thing you should think about is your budget. Fat freezing treatment is rather expensive, as the average cost can go up to 1000$ per session in Singapore. You would also need more than 1 session to see results.

Cost of fat freezing in Singapore

Cost per fat freezing session in Singapore may vary a lot depending on the type of machine being used. A CoolSculpt device might cost more than 100,000$, while a CoolTech device can go for half that. There are even cheaper brands. The higher the price of the machine, the higher the cost of treatment sessions.

The cost per 1 session might depend on the expertise of your doctor too. That being said you can expect the price for fat freezing treatment in Singapore to be anywhere between 350$ to 1000$ per session.

The takeaway

Whether you even want to get rid of fat or your love handles is up to you. There is plenty of option for removal of stubborn fat these days – from liposuction to heatwaves, radiofrequency, and fat freezing. What’s important to remember is that all of these methods come with their pros and cons, and it’s important to talk to a professional who can give you advice suitable for your needs and body.