Fat Removal – How to Remove Belly, Buccal Fat and More

The world today is so privileged when it comes to aesthetic treatments – there is a treatment for just about any cosmetic condition. Fat removal in Singapore like tummy tucks and the methods described below are gaining popularity by the minute because the options are various and the outcomes are satisfying.

There are different approaches, both non-invasive and surgical, which makes it even more appealing. In the following post, we offer an overview of the more common treatments that help to extract fat cells from the body and therefore achieve better contouring. Stick around.

Non-surgical Fat Reduction Treatment

A wide range of modalities are used to remove body fat in a bladeless manner. Some are targeted at particular regions, while others work on the entire body. Here is an outline of the most popular options.

Cryolipolisis a.k.a Fat Freezing Singapore

The prefix cryo– stands for producing cold and the medical term generally refers to the use of low temperatures to treat tissue lesions. It’s commonly referred to as fat freeze in Singapore and is particularly suitable for breaking down fat cells.

The treatment is ideal for specific areas of the body where losing fat is more difficult even with the strictest of diets and the greatest of weight loss programmes. Take for instance the belly and love handles. In addition, it can serve as a non-surgical arm fat removal therapy.

That being said, not everyone is a good fit for the procedure. People with loose skin should look for other ways to remove fat. Cryolipolisis is a big no-no for those with cold-related conditions such as paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria.

So, what happens during a fat freezing treatment? A doctor needs to evaluate the fatty bulge to figure out its shape and dimensions. This helps them choose the right applicator as well as the site where they should place the gadget to create satisfying results.

The applicator comes with a hollow part where the fatty bulge is to be inserted when the procedure begins. Then, as the temperature lowers down to a certain point, it destroys stubborn fat. At that point, the patient will feel numbness in the area that is being treated. They will usually receive some form of anaesthesia, which means they won’t feel pain all the way through the session.

Fat freezing is in the ballpark of $600 per single session. The number of treatments required is not predetermined and had to be estimated by a doctor based on the patient’s unique needs.

Mesotherapy Fat Removal Singapore

Mesotherapy Fat Removal

Another way to achieve non surgical fat removal from stomach is to try an injectable drug that helps to dissolve fat. It works for double chin as well.

The liquid in these injections contains small amounts of FDA-approved substances, such as deoxyholic acid, vitamins and minerals, hormones, prescription medicines, and enzymes. A significant downside of this method is that more than one session will be necessary to get results and a patient needs around 20 shots per treatment administered at different depths. This can get expensive.

Also, it is important to have someone experienced carry out the treatment because otherwise complications might arise.

You should consider this procedure if you are looking for guidelines on how to remove fat from body altogether, not just particular areas. It’s one of the most popular treatments for body contouring in Singapore. The price varies from $300 in some regions to $650 in others.

Laser Fat Removal Treatment

Lasers provide heat and light to the skin, which creates multiple effects. Other than striking collagen growth and reducing skin irregularities, they can also target subcutaneous fat. Fat is quite susceptible to extreme temperatures, so heat is detrimental to it the same way that fat freezing is.

The best part is, the surrounding tissue is spared because the laser works very selectively. Not to mention, most modern devices come with a special cooling mechanism that leaves the skin intact during the procedure.

Laser treatment was FDA-cleared a few years ago. It’s specifically approved for fat deposits in bulging flanks (love handles), abdomen, and non surgical arm fat removal. A small treatment area could cost anywhere between $1,000 and $1,500.

Surgical Fat Removal Treatment

Woman torso with medical marks

Several surgical procedures attempt to remove fat cells from the skin. We’ll cover the most important ones below.


For many years, liposuction has been the go-to procedure for those wondering how to remove belly fat permanently. Although it carries longer downtime and a higher risk of complications, patients around the world resort to it because it’s effective.

Liposuction can help you achieve in under an hour what years of weight loss programmes and healthy diet couldn’t. It uses a tiny plastic tube that goes into pre-marked areas on the patient’s skin. The operator manoeuvres the device as it vacuums fat out of the body. During the entire procedure, the person is sedated so they don’t feel pain or discomfort.

Recovery after liposuction is long. Your body will take about a month and a half to heal. There may be several side effects and unexpected reactions, such as burns and irregular sin contours. That’s why it’s more than essential to go with a seasoned aesthetician for this one.

Liposuction is reported to work great for stubborn fat on the back and thighs. It goes without saying that it works best for stomach fat removal. Each part alone will cost about $2,500 and surgeons will usually agree to perform it only on patients who wish to change at least five body parts. This means that the final estimate will be along the lines of $15,000 onwards.

Buccal Fat Removal Treatment

As the name somewhat implies, this is a procedure that aims to reduce the size of the cheeks by eliminating extra fat in the face. Typically, a rounded, “filled-out” face is an indication of youthfulness but when it’s too chubby, it can become disturbing. For this reason, some people consider going under the knife to improve the general contours of the jawline and enhance their cheek bones resulting in a more slim and V-shape face..

That’s not to say that when the procedure is done, the cheeks become hollow as if no collagen resides inside of them. On the contrary, if the greatest precision and technique are applied, the treated area will appear puffy and childlike.

It has to be pointed out that this procedure is not as common as the other fat removal treatments suggested in this post, the reason being people naturally lose fat in the face as they age. The problem is, some don’t. They tend to store excess fat in the lower part of the cheeks and this creates a lifelong issue, interfering with their sense of aesthetics and confidence.

Buccal fat pad removal recovery is short as far as the majority of cases are concerned. It’s not like liposuction. Patients report moderate pain and swelling for a couple of days post-op. The good news is that they can return to work almost immediately if they want to, given that their jobs are not physically demanding. Normal activities can be resolved after a week.

How much does a buccal fat removal cost

Buccal fat removal price varies from clinic to clinic. The procedure runs somewhere in the higher end of the cost spectrum, starting at $1,500 and climbing to the staggering $7,500 based on multiple factors, including individual facial features. The more work that needs to be put into the cheeks, the higher the price will get.

That being said, clinics will charge bigger fees depending on the qualifications and reputation of their staff. Going to a renowned surgeon will cost you more than sticking with a less skilled professional. Yet, you should not compromise on your health, that’s why make sure the person or people who are treating you are certified and reliable.

Pubic Fat Removal (Monoplasty)

Some ladies are disheartened by the look and size of their downstairs, which makes them consider a surgical procedure called monoplasty. It employs a combination of excision and liposuction to get rid of excess skin and fat pockets on the vulva. The goal is to create a pubic lift and it’s often paired with abdominoplasty for fuller results.

Based on the techniques that will be applied, recovery is different. You ought to consult a surgeon if you need more details about this procedure.

Pubic fat removal cost differs greatly per area. If we had to put it in numbers, it would be ranging from $3,000 to $5,000. It may even get more expensive considering that liposuction per se is costly. Also, don’t forget that this procedure is typically executed in conjunction with other fat removal procedures, meaning the final estimate will be even higher.

Final Words on Fat Removal and Body Sculpting in Singapore

Stubborn fat doesn’t usually respond to heavy diets and training, which leaves people frustrated and saddened. Luckily, modern cosmetic medicine offers a bunch of fat reduction treatments to help with the problem. They vary in price and are not covered by insurance but they yield amazing outcomes.

There is probably not a single person that doesn’t know what liposuction is, even though they may have not tried it themselves. However, thanks to technological advancements, science today offer other therapies that are less invasive and still as effective.

The fact that so many options exist increases your chances of getting a procedure that is customised to target your specific fat reduction issues. This in turn means that you are more likely to be satisfied with the end result.

Now, if you are wondering how to remove neck fat, don’t get under the impression that we haven’t covered that part. Truth is, any of the above treatments can successfully deal with this problem, including heating and freezing fats. You just have to discuss your goals and preferences with a qualified professional and see what they will recommend.