Pico Laser Singapore – Price, Downtime, Acne, Benefits, Hyperpigmentation

Most of you have probably heard about laser resurfacing. Lasers are one of the most commonly used tools in cosmetic treatments. They are one of the most used tools to reduce wrinkles in Singapore as well. Laser technology has improved tremendously in recent years. They can be used for a wide range of skin issues including acne scars, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and even removing tattoos. But something a lot of people don’t realize is that there are a lot of types of lasers – with different strength and use.

In this article, we’re going to talk in detail about a new generation laser technology – the pico laser. Compared to older models, the pico lasers work more efficiently and with less risk of side effects. The article is also going to talk about costs you can expect for a laser session in Singapore.

What is a Pico laser?

The pico laser is also called a picosecond laser. It uses ultra-short pulses that disperse pigmentation at such a high pressure that it breaks into small dust particles. And they are easily absorbed and eliminated from the body.

The traditional N-second Q-switch lasers are based on the photothermal action, like heating of the pigment in the surrounding tissue. While the picosecond laser works only on the problem area with ultra-short pulses. This results in faster and more effective pigmentation removal.

That also means that you’ll need fewer procedures with the pico lasers, compared to the traditional nanosecond lasers.

How safe is the Pico laser treatment?

The pico laser treatment is very gentle, especially compared to the traditional laser that relies on heat. That’s why the older laser models used to result in a lot of unpleasant effects such as pain and burns that could last for days.

With the pico lasers, the energy is delivered in short pulses – making it safer and more effective without disturbing surrounding skin. Some patients do feel minor side effects such as redness or tingling that will go away on their own. Most of those effects disappear in a couple of hours. That makes the pico laser very safe.

For patients who seek to remove tattoos, the side effects can be irritation and redness that can last for a couple of days. But in most cases, skin heals faster and you can go back to your daily life soon after treatment.

What are the benefits of a pico laser?

The picosecond lasers focus only on the problem area, regardless of its size. In comparison, photothermal lasers affect not only the area to be treated but also the surrounding tissue, which damages the skin and is less effective. With them, the recovery period of the skin is longer, and because of the heat used, the area remains red and irritated. After a pico laser treatment, only about an hour of redness is observed.

Furthermore, there are other additional benefits to picosecond lasers treatment. Those include:

Quick Speed: Usually, the whole procedure takes around 10 minutes. If you’re dealing a more serious issue like removing tattoos or deep pigmentation, then it may take more time, and more sessions to achieve the desired results.

No Downtime: patients can go quickly to their daily schedule. They might feel slight skin discomfort but it resolves in a few hours or a day.

What can you treat with picosecond lasers?

The picosecond laser is effective on a wide range of issues and uses. It’s very effective for removing tattoos, acne scars, for anti-ageing purposes and pigmentation. All of these uses have been US FDA approved as safe and effective.

With pigmentation issues, the picosecond laser destroys the melanin beneath the skin. The pico laser can destroy pigmentation while still being gentle to the skin by not affecting any surrounding tissue.

With tattoo removal, the picosecond laser is one of the most effective tools you can get. It works by basically providing laser energy and making ink particles to vibrate and break down without affecting the surrounding skin.

The pico lases is also very effective for acne scars. It works by providing heat into the targeted area and stimulating collagen production that in turn fills the scars.

Due to collagen production, the pico laser is also used in anti-ageing treatments to reduce wrinkles. It can make the skin appear more youthful and tighter.

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How does the Pico Laser remove tattoos?

The pico laser is one of the most effective tools to remove tattoos due to its laser energy. Some patients only need a few procedures. It works with all skin types. The procedure takes about 10-15 minutes, depending on the size of the place to be treated.

The laser works on the tattoo ink by providing heat and breaking it down. After that the pigment is absorbed by the body.

Do pico laser treatments hurt?

Pico laser treatments generally don’t hurt too much but patients can feel slight discomfort. For patients who want to remove tattoos, the procedure can feel somewhat painful. But the dermatologist at the aesthetic clinic can use a cream to as a local anaesthetic. Usually, you have to repeat the procedures a couple of times depending on the size and color of the tattoo. Your dermatologist will suggest the suitable number of procedures for your unique case.

What are the possible side effects following a Pico Laser session?

Even if the pico laser treatment is very innovative and safe, there’s still a slight risk for side effects. Some patients can experience mild bruising, redness and irritation. Some patients note they feel suburn-like tingling following a session. Most of the unwanted effects associated with a pico laser go away fast without need of any special treatment. Also, compared to traditional lasers, the unwanted effects of pico laser are less common and heal faster.

How long till I see results after a pico laser treatment?

Usually it takes a couple of sessions till you see results. The number of sessions you need will depend on the severity of the skin issue you want to treat. Or in the case of removing tattos– on the size and pigment. It can take multiple sessions because it can be a very stubborn process.

Skin pigmentation issues can take two weeks of sessions for full results to appear. Acne scars are also a stubborn issue, and can take multiple sittings to achieve desired results.

If you want to achieve smoother skin, then it can take only one session to see results. If you’re treating wrinkles it will take a number of sessions as well.

What’s the aftercare following a pico laser treatment?

After laser treatment to remove tattoos or unwanted pigmentation, the skin is more vulnerable to sunlight. Therefore, after the procedure it is best to avoid sun exposure and to use a sunscreen with a factor of SPF50. Sun exposure can cause your skin to irritate further.

There are other aftercare tips to follow as well. Your dermatologist will give you advice on what to do and what to avoid. But typically, you have to keep your skin moisturized and avoid skincare items with strong ingredients or perfume. If you had a laser treatment on the face, it’s a good idea to skip the makeup as well.

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What’s the cost for pico laser treatment in Singapore?

The cost for a pico laser session in Singapore can vary depending on a couple of factors. Those factors include.

  • The number of sessions needed
  • Isuue being treated such as pigmentation or tattoo removal, for example.
  • The severity of the issue
  • Skin type
  • Doctor’s and aesthetic clinic fee

That being said the cost per session for a pico laser procedure in Singapore can vary between $250 and $1000.

We have to mention that in Singapore, only medical doctors can work with any kind of laser – both pico laser and nanosecond lasers. That’s why if you see a price too good to be true, make sure to avoid it.