Teeth Whitening – Home Kits, Strips, LED vs Laser and More

Do your so-called pearly whites justify their name or are they a few shades darker than you wish them to be? Modern-age problems. The good news is that there are various therapies you can try to restore the shine and colour of your teeth so you can smile with confidence and zero embarrassing moments. This article will look into teeth whitening in Singapore, its different forms and aspects, reflecting on methods, pricing, and efficacy. Continue reading.

Natural Teeth Whitening Methods

Some of you will be reluctant to drop by a medical professional just to get their teeth white. You may be willing to try these products before you pick up the phone to get a consultation:

  • Baking soda. Teeth whitening and baking soda oftentimes go hand in hand. Being a natural whitening and slightly abrasive substance, baking soda is the basic ingredient in various types of toothpaste. It can not only remove the nasty gunk on the surfaces but also make your teeth a tad whiter. Of course, don’t get too carried away with it. Using too much powder too often can cause damage.
  • Teeth whitening toothpaste. There is a range of products in drugstores and supermarkets offering bleaching properties. The majority of these consist of activated charcoal which purportedly lifts stains and dirt off the teeth.
  • Apple cider vinegar. It is a natural disinfectant that has plenty of benefits and uses. The main active ingredient is its acid which does away with bacteria and germs effectively. It is believed that those properties can make your pearly whites, well, white.
  • Whitening strips. These are sold freely on the market. They come in plastic strips with a thin layer of hydrogen peroxide stuck to them. The way they work is, you have to attach them to your teeth and let them sit a certain amount of time.

Just so you know, these methods, however comfortable and affordable they are, do not produce dramatic results, if they have any effect at all. Not to mention, they cannot target stains caused by food, red wine, coffee, and other beverages.

Take-home Teeth Whitening Kit

Individual tooth tray for whitening

If you are wondering how to whiten teeth like a pro minus the extra visits to the dental clinic, here are your options. The difference between over-the-counter strips and home whitening kits is that you can’t simply walk into a store and get your hands on the latter. Professional kits are custom-made to fit the contour of your mouth and teeth, that’s why you need to go to an actual dentist and have one manufactured specifically for you.

The more accurate the fit, the more evenly the whitening solution will be distributed. If too much product goes into the same area, it may get damaged. In the meantime, some areas will receive very little of the substance which will create no results at all. This explains the importance of customising the dental cups before you get the chance to wear them.

How does it work?

First, the dentist examines the shade of your teeth and puts it down into a special comparison chart where all your results will be recorded over time. Then they take impressions of your mouth, both lower and upper teeth, by inserting putty inside. Don’t worry, it’s a non-toxic substance made for medicinal purposes. They send the samples to the lab where personalised trays are coined for you. About two weeks later, you return to the office to receive the trays and get instructions on how to use them properly.

The professional will demonstrate how to apply the whitening solution and how much of it to smear each time. You will be urged to perform the procedure every day for about a fortnight before you discontinue use. Most trays have to be worn for an hour every 24 hours but some brands allow you to use the trays all night long.

When the time is up, you will go to the dentist for a follow-up appointment where the shade of your teeth will be tracked down. If you are not fully delighted with the outcomes, touch-ups will be scheduled with your doctor. They will give you further instructions on how to proceed.

Now, keep in mind that while you are on this treatment, you will have to refrain from smoking, drinking, and eating 30 minutes after each session as well as while wearing the trays.

What are the advantages of tooth whitening kits?

  • The trays are supposed to fit your teeth perfectly if the impressions are taken properly
  • They cover every single tooth in your mouth other than the front ones; this means your molars will be bleached too for a unified look
  • The trays are of high quality and can be safely re-used

What are the disadvantages?

  • The entire process from taking the impressions to the actual bleaching takes time. If you are looking for a quick therapy, this treatment is not your cup of tea
  • If the impressions are not taken in the right fashion, there is no way to redo them
  • These kits carry a heavy price tag
  • They don’t always handle stains because they mostly work on the surface

Teeth Whitening Singapore: Cost of at-home kits

So, where do teeth whitening kits sit on the price spectrum? Quite naturally, they are costlier than natural whitening ingredients but also much more effective than them, yet they are less expensive than in-office treatment. You will probably cough up a steady $650 for them altogether.

Laser Teeth Whitening Singapore

Laser Teeth Whitening

If you are here for the most advanced type of whitening of teeth, you might want to check this out. Laser teeth whitening is more precise and effective than any other treatment on the market you could have. It counts on the dentist’s technique and expertise as well as the quality of materials used.

How does laser teeth whitening work?

You go to the office and get your pearly-whites-to-be examined by a professional. They fix any current issues that you may be having (like tooth decay and plaque) and check for diseases such as gingivitis that will prevent you from undergoing the treatment. With that out of the way, you can book a teeth whitening appointment.

On the day of the procedure, the dentist applies a special whitening product over your teeth which is made of hydrogen peroxide and other ingredients. Another substance that gets wider use is carbamide peroxide.

Now, it has to be said that these chemical compounds are found on tooth whitening pens and strips, as well as those custom-fitted trays that you can try at home.

So, what is the difference then? Let’s confute a common misconception here. The laser itself doesn’t whiten the teeth. What it does is cranks up the temperature of the gel so it oxidises faster. So, instead of waiting for weeks for it to work, you will spend around 15-120 minutes at the dentist’s office and get results almost instantly. In other words, the whitening paste does its thing while the laser accelerates the process.

Of course, that’s not to say your treatment will be over the first time around. We hate to disappoint you but whitening teeth by laser requires several visits on different days during the month in order to work.

What are the advantages?

  • The treatment is safe to use as long as it is delivered by a certified expert; they will know the exact concentration and amount of gel to opt for
  • Laser tooth whitening in Singapore is comfortable, there is no pain or discomfort, and therefore no anaesthesia is necessary
  • You can get results after the very first appointment; your teeth will be 5-8 shades lighter
  • There will be no irritation or damage
  • It can target dark marks and stains because of its ability to work on the inside out

What are the disadvantages?

  • Some patients develop tooth sensitivity as a result of the treatment; in most cases, it resolves within a few days of the procedure being over
  • Laser teeth whitening is even more pricey than at-home trays

Laser teeth whitening cost Singapore

It’s difficult to state a precise number because teeth whitening covers a broad range of prices. What goes into it extends beyond the initial procedure which runs approximately $200 at most clinics. Contrary to what many people think because of how lasers are marketed, one visit to the dentist is not enough to get the job done. Not only do you need multiple sessions but once you get the look you want, you will have to schedule maintenance procedures to sustain the outcomes. A single appointment won’t make much of a difference, that is.

If every visit costs around $200, then completing the treatment could easily climb to $1,500.

LED vs Laser teeth whitening

The difference between laser and LED teeth whitening is that the whitening gel is being activated through different means. When it comes down to the LED technique, a LED light is pointed toward the teeth surface to act on the gel. It’s safe to administer with no known side effects. What is more, it’s also thought to help with stains. As for which one is better – laser or LED teeth whitening – science still hasn’t answered that question.

How to Settle on a Teeth Whitening Clinic in Singapore?

Research on the internet

Before you sign up for any whitening services out there, be aware of the following:

  • Research the clinics in your area
  • Look for information online
  • Ask friends and acquaintances for reference
  • Make certain the teeth whitening dentist you are going to is certified and trained (they will have their education, specialities, and skills placed on the wall and on their website – verify that information)
  • Request more information from a few clinics, observe how they treat you (do they answer all your questions to your satisfaction, are they polite and patient?)
  • Get your hands on a teeth whitening price list and ask for quotes from various places

Singapore Teeth Whitening Bottom Line

Teeth whitening treatment in Singapore varies per efficacy and price depending on whether you choose a DIY treatment or a laser session. Both home kits and in-office treatments have upsides and downsides. It is not easy to make that decision, especially if you are on a tight budget. Both laser and LED teeth whitening can be quite steep compared to DIY bleaching kits but the results are astonishing. At the end of the day, if you cannot afford a professional session, you can always stick with over-the-counter whitening products.