HIFU Treatment, Facelift, Price and Side Effects

There are so many options for anti-ageing treatments and procedures these days. From creams and aesthetic treatments to surgery, people seek new ways to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles and saggy skin. The anti-ageing methods have evolved a lot through the years and now we have effective yet safe methods to maintain our looks. If you want to try anti-ageing treatments but you don’t want to commit to surgical methods, then maybe you’ve heard about HIFU. Singapore has a lot to offer to anyone interested in the aesthetic procedure (both non-surgical and surgical) so you have a lot of options to choose from.

This article is all about HIFU in Singapore – like what to expect and costs you might need to pay. We hope this article is helpful!

What is HIFU?

HIFU Lifting is the name of an innovative non-surgical lifting that affects all levels of the skin. Through the medical HIFU, the superficial and deep layers of the skin are effectively treated, up to the superficial muscular system. How that happens you might ask? The main method of the HIFU lifting consists of the concentrated sending of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU stands for that long term), which generates a large amount of heat. Selective heating stimulates our body to produce its own collagen. The HIFU lifting activates the regenerative abilities of our body in order to be able to gradually restore the memory of the skin and underlying tissues, which is followed by new and healthy collagen fibres in the treated areas.

Thanks to the amount of energy that the HIFU machine emits, it is also effectively used to remove face and body fat while tightening the area. It is very effective for lifting the lower part of the face, double chin, tightening the neck and especially for reducing fat around the corner of the mouth. In areas of the body, this therapy is excellent for application in all places where the skin is relaxed and there is excess fat.

What are the benefits of HIFU?

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HIFU is a modern and effective method to lift the skin without any surgical intervention. That’s why it has many advantages over traditional and other non-medical devices. HIFU lifting is an innovative and effective way to restore the lost elasticity of the skin.

Some of the most obvious benefits of the HIFU is the fact that it’s a non-invasive procedure. This means that there are no risks of bleeding or having an infection (all typical for a surgical procedure). It also means that you don’t need time to recover and you can go back to your daily routine as soon as you leave your doctor’s office.

Also, the risk of complications is left to a minimum as you won’t undergo any incisions. Furthermore, the results from the HIFU lift are long-lasting and feel natural. You don’t have to worry about “overdoing” it – because your body takes care of collagen production alone.

HIFU lifting goes well with all therapies to maintain good skin appearance, such as fillers, Botox, peeling, laser, etc.

Who can undergo HIFU? Is it suitable to anyone?

The HIFU procedure is safe for everyone. But you can ask your doctor in case you have any concerns. In general, there are certain conditions that may not be suitable for HIFU. For example, HIFU would now be suitable for you if you’re pregnant or you have any skin injuries. Other conditions that may be not suitable are diabetes and chronic neurological conditions. You should talk to your doctor if you have electrical devices in the body such as pacemakers, for example.

That being said, if you don’t have the above-mentioned health conditions, HIFU would be more than a suitable option for you. HIFU is appropriate for anyone who’s looking to correct any of the following:

  • sagging corners of the mouth
  • drooping eyelids
  • relaxed on the contour of the face
  • double chin (not to be confused with double jaw)
  • relaxation of the skin around the lower jaw
  • areas of the body with the presence of fat and sagging skin
  • fine lines and wrinkles

How safe is HIFU?

HIFU is used safely and effectively around the world as an easy way to treat sagging skin and wrinkles. Furthermore, as mentioned previously, HIFU is a non-invasive method which means that the risks associated with surgical procedures are left to a minimum. Even while getting the treatment, patients sit comfortably without any pain. It’s important to note that in Singapore, only certified doctors can perform HIFU. This is good to know because it makes patients safe that their face and body are in safe good hands.

What are the side effects of HIFU?

There is no downtime period for the HIFU lifting procedure. You can go back to your normal schedule immediately after the procedure. If you want you can even apply light make up after. Although HIFU is a safe procedure with minimum risk, there are some potential side effects you might experience. Some of the side effects you might experience are bruising, redness and swelling. You might feel tingling while getting the procedure and for a few weeks after it too. These side effects go away on their own so it’s nothing of concern. If you worry about any side effects you might experience, talk to your doctor!

When will I get full results from HIFU?

The first results from HIFU can be seen around one month following treatment but the results continue to develop in the following months. You can notice full results in around three months. That happens because the collagen is being developed by the skin and it takes around three months for it to reach maximum effect. Some machines have an innovative tip for access to difficult, otherwise impossible areas, such as the areas between the eyebrows, tightly around the eyes and around the mouth. The special nozzle delivers precisely micro and macro focused ultrasound for maximum good results.

What to expect after a HIFU treatment?

As we mentioned previously, HIFU is a non-invasive facelift treatment. It doesn’t require any downtime and you can go back to your daily life with no worries. The treatment itself lasts for around 30-90 minutes too. After treatment, your skin might be slightly more sensitive for a couple of days. That’s why the skin experts recommend wearing sunscreen to protect your skin from the sunlight. It’s also a way to moisturize your skin and make sure it’s hydrated. This treatment is also successfully used for face slimming and achieving a more V-shape style face.

While you might get some discomfort for a few days following treatment, it will go away on its own in no time.

How long do the effects of HIFU last?

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The most impressive advantage of HIFU lifting is the duration of the achieved results. Depending on your age and the treated area, after 3-4 procedures, the skin is firm and elastic, and the duration can be quite long (up to over 2 years). The amazing results of Haifu lifting are due to the deep and long-lasting effect, which activates the processes responsible for maintaining the dermis and hypodermis. With this innovative procedure, you can slow down the ageing process and significantly reduce the damage that time causes to your skin.

What’s the difference between HIFU and Ultherapy

If you’ve ever come across information about Ultherapy you might be asking yourself “What’s the difference between HIFU and Ultherapy?” Well, they might be similar in the sense that both HIFU and Ultherapy use the ultrasound. But the technology and science behind the methods are different. Let’s see how.

First, Ultherapy uses a visual aid that helps the doctor see the treated area and avoid any mistakes. The other difference is between their depth and temperature. That’s why sometimes doctors prefer the Ultherapy if they are treating any area deep within the skin.

That being said, there is no right answer when it comes to deciding which method to use. Talk to your doctor and make a decision according to their advice.

Cost you might expect for HIFU in Singapore

There are several factors that contribute to the final cost of HIFU treatments in Singapore. First off, the cost depends on the size of the treatment area – the smaller the area, the smaller the cost. Usually, small areas such as the chin might be around 350$ per session. Another important factor in the final cost is the doctor’s fee. It depends on his expertise and training. But the thing that probably has the most effective when it comes to the cost of HIFU in Singapore is the brand your aesthetic clinic is using. Some machines and brands are more expensive than others which will affect the final cost.

That being said, you can expect a cost anywhere between 500$ and 3000$.

Final Words

HIFU is an innovative method to treat and remove wrinkles and saggy skin. It’s suitable for patients who don’t want to undergo a lifting surgery. It’s a safe and reliable technique that will allow for your own skin to develop collagen and restore itself in a natural way. The treatments have a lot of benefits that will serve you and your skin in the long run. But of course, you have to be as informed as possible before deciding to do the treatment. Check your doctor and his expertise and choose the one you’re confident in. We hope that if you do decide to get HIFU in Singapore, you end up with results you enjoy and feel happy with!